Adult individual psychotherapy

  • I work with anyone regardless of ethnic background, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. I take these individual qualities into account as they affect the therapy, and I realize that they often affect every aspect of life.
  • Adults often feel a need for therapy for issues in a relationship (as an individual in a relationship), for problems that seem focused on their job, or for difficult emotional problems such as depression or anxiety.

Teen counseling

  • Peer issues, academic problems, depression, gay or lesbian teens, text anxiety. In their transition to adulthood, teens are presented with a multitude of issues that often seem insurmountable but, with counseling, can be managed. I see teens 18 and over without parental permission.

Couple counseling; Marriage counseling

  • Communication problems, money issues, trust.

Family therapy

  • I look at the family system as a whole, and help to understand and clarify the different relationships and interactions among family members.


  • As a hypnotherapist I provide hypnosis for specific issues such as the “too-much” behaviors (for example, smoking) or phobias or any number of other problems. Click here to go to my hypnotherapy web site  


Phone: 213 400 3474 
Fax:     323 543 9428 

660 S. Figueroa St. (At 7th St.), Suite 1030, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Marriage and Family Therapist license MFC 49861

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